Hi! I'm Miles.

I'm a Multidisciplinary Experience Designer based out of Oakland, Ca. I currently work at OBE (On Board Experiential) and I've worked with a range of clients such as Cheez-It, JPMorgan Chase and Co., Meta, Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Day, MuleSoft, Nike, Intuit, UBS, United Chase Events, and more.

Currency Conversations (2019)
Show Me Your Walk
Currency Conversations (2020)
Facebook Community Boost
Leadership Day 2020
HOC Wearable
UI/UX, Wearable, Research Analysis
Hiatus Typeface
Typeface, Typography, Book Design, Poster, Vinyl
UI/UX, Research Analysis, Data Visualization
Beacon of Hope
Graphic Design
Artichoke Exploration
Graphic Design
Frosted Flakes
Conceptual Package, Graphic Design
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