Nourish App

An application and camera system which cultivate healthier food options through suggestions & meal plans.

My team of advisors (Professor Randall Sexton, Designer Hetal Soni, and Registered Dietetic Technician Conralyn Cabalbag) assisted me in developing a senior project which tackled a problem in an area of interest. A few months prior, I initiated a lifestyle change rather than another craze diet, alongside my brother. I developed a better understanding of nutrition after multiple failed attempts. It was a difficult process as I realized I did not understand the nutrition basics. Throughout this journey, I found many others had trouble understanding calorie intake and what the nutritional facts on food actually mean. I wanted to develop an aid for those looking to better their nutrition, however still allow them to have a choice in order to develop a lifestyle change and not a diet plan.
People have trouble understanding how to eat and shop healthier
∙  Planning & creating lists combats mindless shopping
∙  People don’t always look at the nutrition label
∙  Front of Packaging is used more than the full label
∙  Less loyal to brands for the price and nutrition value
∙  Millennials use smart phones more than any generation
The original concept consisted of developing an editable group list which provides call outs for high-level nutritious content and developing an interactive cart experience. This was important as the items in the household needed to be improved first. Then by incorporating machine learning and cabinet cameras, the application could keep track of inventory. The focus of the app shifted to developing meal planning which develops a grocery list. Meals would be catered to the user's tastes through a detailed onboarding experience and machine learning would curate dishes while taking into account cooking ability, allergies, amount, and health issues. 
Meal Planning
The meal plan provides the user with 3 different meals to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The user is able to see at a high-level the key differences between the meal and assist them in making both a taste and nutritional choice between the meals. Each meal is by default healthy, catered to their health, and catered to their personal taste. The user is able to select all their meals on one screen and after they're done, the application produces a grocery list from the meals chosen. 
The comparison between previously bought and healthier choices are easily comparable. Comparisons between calories, carbohydrates, and sugar make it easy to make healthier choices rather than face value. The coordinating colored strips on the sides also help tell the user if the item is a good, okay, or unhealthy.

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