HOC Wearable

A wearable product which facilitates the brain injury protocol and enhances the decision making processes in order to protect athletes from potential brain injuries. Hoc aims to keep an eye on the player’s health and aid the coach in doing so.

My team (Mia Biagini, Bryce Hymans, & Gurdeep Bassi) researched the player and coach interaction to find potential target areas to improve the likelihood of traumatic brain injuries. My job included competitive analysis, interviews, interaction design and visual design.
We found athletes are not aware of the extent or severity of their brain injury history and they often do not want to acknowledge injury during practice or game because they do not want to let the team down. In addition, we found coaches are in charge of 50+ players which limits their ability to see every high impact contact on the field.
To reduce and prevent the number of traumatic brain injuries in high impact sports
Key Insights
Knowing the athlete's injury history is crucial in creating the right recovery process. Those in charge may knowingly or unknowingly not follow safety protocol. 
“No matter how small the injury might be, head injuries are not something to be taken lightly. The brain is the human central control system and it is essential that it is taken care of.”
“I've seen coaches respond with varying levels of urgency, often increasingly urgent respective to the higher level of competition.”
Key Opportunities
Take the reporting process out of the athlete's hands. Hold coaches accountable for the well-being of their athletes. Gather and store information to help in the diagnosis and recovery process. Provide accurate and consistent service.
Concept Validation
 It might make more sense to use tablets in some cases due to a larger screen size.
Screens are simple and easy to use; not overwhelming for coaches or players.
I think it would help if the app logged vocals and other options from the tests.
Alerts the coach when a player gets hit beyond the normal impact threshold.
Guides the coach in testing & recording the athlete’s symptoms for brain injury protocol and records.
Creates records of athletes’ injuries and sends to assist the doctor’s diagnosis.

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