Hiatus Typeface

Hiatus is a marketing package including a poster, vinyl package, typeface, and book inspired by Ms. Lauryn Hill. The visuals articulate Hill’s distinct vocals, rap identity, and performance.

Design Strategy
Hiatus is a handwritten typeface with graffiti inspired lines and strokes inspired by the neo-soul singer rapper, Ms. Lauryn Hill. Hiatus aims to communicate the wide range of styles in her music and the way she carries herself, while still showing the artist that she once was and the growth of who she is now.

The concept for Hiatus was to create a strong, bold stroked typeface with flowing fading lines. Her music style is bold and intellectual, therefore the play between thin & thick lines are showcased. Hiatus articulates her fluid rapping style, while also detailing the layers of melody and harmonies. Hill describes her voice as raw and no matter how pretty it can get, the rasp and edginess remain present. Similarly, the strokes are carried throughout the typeface and breaks in curves are seen to demonstrate the staccato in music.

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