The project was to create a infographic poster for the health benefits of the an artichoke. The poster utilizes the following colors: black, gray, white, purple, and green. I used these colors to compliment the natural tones of the artichoke. I further used icons to describe the detailed benefits of an artichoke. I further explained the logos intent with a small paragraph for each set. The poster also describes the anatomy of the artichoke and the average sizes of the artichoke. Lastly, the poster consists of a circle graph of the percentage of nutritional value break down of an artichoke.
Infographic Poster
The assignment was to conduct deep exploration of artichokes. The first assignment was to create an accordion booklet containing a picture, hand drawings, and vectors of artichokes. The second exploration seeks to visually explain the artichoke. The third aimed to apply aspects to a 3D structure. The last assignment was a infographic poster of an artichoke seen above.
3D Model Explorations
Accordian Book (left to right): photo, drawing, highlight/shadow drawing, detail vector, symbol vector

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